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Quick Start Guide

Typical Installation

If you are using the most recent version of StyleCop the installation would be extremely simple.
Just download binary file StyleCopPlus.dll and place it in your StyleCop folder.

Don't forget to unblock the file after downloading (right-click then choose Properties).


Compatibility Issues

Currently StyleCop+ natively supports StyleCop version
If you are using other StyleCop version, please read about compatibility issues to find out how to make StyleCop+ work with it.

Editing Settings

As soon as StyleCop+ is installed correctly, you should see new "StyleCop+" tab appeared in settings dialog.
This tab contains settings page for configuring all StyleCop+ features.


Need Help?

In case of StyleCop+ does not work please make sure that you have read about compatibility issues.
If documentation does not help, feel free to publish a post with the description of your problem.

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