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Migrate to GitHub completely?

Oct 16, 2015 at 11:37 AM
Maybe it's only my impression, but CodePlex is a graveyard for small projects. Nobody wants to work with it. Maybe it makes sense to migrate to GitHub completely? Now it used only for source code hosting and even defects creation disabled there.
Nov 5, 2015 at 1:21 AM

I agree GitHub is a way more popular and handy for the open source projects. The only reason I was using CodePlex is that at those times, when StyleCop was actively being developed, it was on CodePlex (well actually it was initially on MSDN Code Gallery and migrated to CodePlex after that, if I remember correctly).

Anyway, the point is the this very StyleCop+ plugin project is not being actively developed, because I have been disappointed in StyleCop quite a while ago. It's certainly not following the latest trends, not user friendly (install VS extension from MSI, confusing settings files, etc.), using the buggy self-written parser (which didn't completely implement even C# 4.0 grammar, let alone 5.0 or 6.0), etc. At this point I don't have any future plans for StyleCop+, that is why I was not forcing with complete GitHub migration.

However, I do believe there should be something which would replace StyleCop. Some native Visual Studio extension, with convenient UI, customizable rules, and using Roslyn instead of self-written stuff. Despite this, I am still using both StyleCop and StyleCop+ every day (just not updating them from 4.7.49) and still a huge code style fan. In case you know any worthy candidate to replace StyleCop - could you please share any thoughts on that? What are you using on a daily basis?

Nov 6, 2015 at 9:14 AM
We recently migrated our project to FW4.6/C#6.0 so I was looking into how to migrate stylecop. There are several options worth to look at:
  1. VisualStyleCop (
    This is a StyleCop fork with C# support and VSIX installer. We migrated to this one for now, because it's the least time consuming - it's just an updated StyleCop, so you can use old configuration file.
    The only thing I did - rebuild StyleCop+ using VisualStyleCop and "fixed" that issue
  2. StyleCop Analyzers (
    This is StyleCop reimplementation based on Roslyn. Maybe we will migrate to it later when I will have some spare time to do it. The only thing I don't like with that project - lack of StyleCop+ rules and strange policy about implementing them:
Also you could check:
  1. Code Cracker
  2. Refactoring Essentials
There are a lot of other tools released lately when roslyn became available, most of them pretty useless - just a couple of strange rules.